Pretty easy, but does need some requirements. You have to be root; Installing via sudo won’t keep the export variables listed below:

sudo su - cd /root apt-get install perl-doc libssl-dev libxml-libxml-perl tar -zxvf VMware-vSphere-CLI-5.0.0-422456.x86_64.tar.gz cd /root/vmware-vsphere-cli-distrib export http_proxy="" export ftp_proxy="" ./

Mac OSX 10.7.3 on ESXi 5

April 18th, 2012 | Posted by spritian in Mac OSX | VMware - (1 Comments)

So, I know this can be done by using a USB drive and VT-d, but that’s meh. I’ve been working on getting my Workstation image working on my ESXi host, and getting close… anyways, here’s a good start for booting it on ESXi:

boot -v -f -x rd=disk0s2 npci=0x2000

Still seems to stall after DMOS has arrived, will have to mess with it later!

Teradici Management Console 1.7.1

April 17th, 2012 | Posted by spritian in PCoIP | VMware - (1 Comments)

Just a quick note to help other ESXi 5 admins… The package Teradici provides for this gives an ollllld vmx and vmdk. The simplest way to get it to work on ESXi 5 is to convert the disk like so:

vmkfstools -i teradici.vmdk teradici-new.vmdk -d thin

Do this via ssh on the ESXi host… Next, edit the settings of the vmx in vSphere, remove the unsupported devices, and add a new Hard Drive attaching the converted disk. Lastly, upgrade the Hardware to version 8 and it should work flawlessly!

EVGA 124-IP-PD02 Random disconnects

April 17th, 2012 | Posted by spritian in PCoIP | VMware - (5 Comments)

I’d figure that it would be a good idea to post this to help others using an EVGA 124-IP-PD02 with VMware View 5.

If you see this error in your log…

0d,00:00:29> LVL:2 RC: 0 GSOAP :SOAP 1.2 fault: SOAP-ENV:Sender [no subcode] 0d,00:00:29> LVL:2 RC: 0 GSOAP :"End of file or no input: 'Bad file number'" Detail: [no detail] 0d,00:00:29> LVL:2 RC: 0 MGMT_CMI :Failed to communicate with https://�*�:50000 0d,00:00:29> LVL:2 RC: 0 MGMT_CMI :Failed multiple attempts to contact SOAP server!

Your user might be getting random disconnects. The solution? ASSIGN A STATIC IP!

Not sure why we have this issue at our office, but assigning an IP fixed it… I’ll look into it more, but this is a temp workaround…

Upgrades for my HP DL360 G5

April 11th, 2012 | Posted by spritian in VMware - (0 Comments)

Yay!!! I got my eBay special in the mail today! 2x Xeon 5160’s for a spendy $15 shipped, LOL. I love landing uber awesome deals! The second I got home, I put it into to maintenance mode and upgraded it ASAP! Here’s a pretty screenshot showing 12GHz of computing power for $15:

That brings me to a total of 20GHz and 12GB of ram between my HA cluster… Just waiting on my 16GB of ram to be delivered so I can have 20GHz/24GB in my VMware ESXi HA Cluster!