So i’ve been messing with Linux Mint Debian, and I have to say, I think I have finally found a better UX Linux distro over Ubuntu.

I’ve been a huge fan of Debian for nearly 10+ years. Debian is FANTASTIC at all server related tasks. However, in the past, it was always a hassle getting simple things working (wifi, video card drivers) when Ubuntu did it with ease on my laptops. This is why I really liked Ubuntu (since 6.06.2), and it’s UX design and portability for laptops and workstations. But after 10.04, they have made way too many changes that have really irked me. Albeit, it’s rather annoying that KDE and GNOME 3 were complete and epic failures, which really didn’t give Canonical a choice other than running GNOME 2, creating a custom variant/branch, or creating the “Crap Fest” that is called “Unity”.

Since loving Debian, I’ve always preferred distros that were native, or at least used dpkg/apt in a sense. Enter Linux Mint Debian. It’s pretty much the unstable branch of Debian (which I normally run, because if you have ever done PCI compliance on a Debian box, you really have no choice but to run unstable sources). In addition to this, it’s straight up Debian, with MATE/Cinnamon as it’s window manager. MATE/Cinnamon is fantastic. It’s better than XFCE, but simplistic, and gives that original feel of GNOME 2 (since it’s a branch of this) with the added UX that Ubuntu provided solidly in 10.04.

Anyways, enough rambling. Here’s my list of Linux Distros for UX, Server, and Enterprise:


LMDE    Linux Mint Debian

  • Debian unstable, MATE/Cinnamon – that’s all I ever really wanted in a laptop/workstation distro!


Debian    Debian

  • Best solid Linux distro EVER. LAMP, MySQL/Postgres, Mail servers, Bonded NICs/iSCSI, Backups, NFS servers, you name it. Debian will make it happen, quickly and efficiently.
  • P.S. I linked the netinst image, because if you download the DVD set, you’re a fucking moron! =)


RHEL    Red Hat Enterprise Linux

  • Mainly for those of you running Oracle… it’s not horrible, but some of the management scripts make me want to barf. It’s sometimes easier to configure stuff manually! On another note, not many options… I mean, would you really prefer to run SuSE? =)

Hey All,

Here’s a deb I created that has NetApp OnCommand System Manager 2.0.2. You can download it here.

To install it, do the following:

sudo dpkg -i netapp-oncommand-sysmgr_2.0-1_all.deb

Once that’s complete, do the following to copy the launcher file to your desktop for easy access…

cd /opt/NetApp/oncommand_system_manager/2.0 cp system_manager.desktop ~/Desktop cd ~/Desktop chmod +x system_manager.desktop

For those running Ubuntu, here’s how to add the desktop file to the Unity Menu:

desktop-file-install system_manager.desktop