Useful HP-UX commands for Linux Administrators

April 26th, 2012 | Posted by spritian in HP-UX | Linux

Few commands I use often in HP-UX; Coming from over 15 years of Linux experience, the quirks in HP-UX can get annoying at first, but hopefully this will help you through it!

Sick of your backspace key not working? Here’s your answer:

stty erase ^?

Annoyed with the shitty output of df?


Trying to figure out what the model/arch of the server is?


This lists a few different thing… disk related, and/or fibre channel cards:

ioscan -fnNkC disk ioscan -fnkC disk ioscan -fnkC ioscan -m lun ioscan -m dsf

How do I configure which mirror to boot from!?

setboot -v (verify/list) setboot -a (alt) setboot -p (primary)

I miss yum/apt-get:

swinstall -s /full/path/to/depotfile.depot \* swinstall -x autoreboot=true -s /full/path/to/depotfile.depot \*

The \* is pretty cool, it prevents the TUI/GUI from loading, but continues the install/dep check. Makes it feel more like yum or apt-get, instead of aptitude or a GUI update manager.

AHHH usermod and passwd are missing flags in HP-UX! No, just use modprpw instead!

/usr/lbin/modprpw -v (refresh/validate all accounts) /usr/lbin/modprpw -k -l username (unlock/enable [k] a local account [l])

This will reset the expiration of a locked account.

Where the fuck are the init.d and rc scripts?!

/sbin /sbin/init.d/

How can I figure out the current runlevel?!

who -r

I miss bash, how can I auto-complete a command?!

Like bash, type a few letters of the prefix, but instead of tab, hit: esc twice

WTF?! No history command?!?! Lies, hit esc+k – then use j/k to cycle forward/backwards respectively. To edit a line you scroll to, it’s interactive vi in ksh… so ‘l’ to move foward, shift+R to replace, etc…

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